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Galaxy Mug Press Pro  incl. 1 heating element

Quality structure and heaters make mugs printing easily.
The Galaxy GS-203 is designed for mugs printing business, this type machine is offered with LCD circuit board and quality heaters. Extra aluminium covers are added outside of the heaters to protect customer's hands from burning. Different shapes of latte mugs can be printed!

Aluminum Heater Offered: An extra aluminum cover is offered outside of the heaters which protect customer’s hands from burning.
Auto-sleep Mode: The integrated digital controller offers auto-sleep setting mode with time setting range from 0~999 minutes, machine will enter an auto-sleep mode after a set time without any use and powered off on the controller, the machine will be reactivated by a new touch on the controller or a new use.
Globose Shape Pressure Knob: The flexible globose shape pressure know could guarantee smooth pressure adjustment and effectively prevent the pressure from breaking.
Stop Bar for positioning mugs: with this useful stop bar accessory, customers can position mugs easily in the heater during a bulk production process.
Movable groove to achieve even pressure: to achieve a even pressure on different shapes of mugfs like lalte shape mug, GS-203 is designed with movable groove at the bottom machine body, this useful structure could let heaters fit the mugs perfecelty during printing process to get a best printing result.

  • Model: GS-203 incl. 1 heating element
  • Heater size 2: Dia 7.5-9.0cm for 11oz, 15oz etc mug
  • Power (240V): 300W/1,4Amps
  • Auto-sleep mode: YEs (0-999mins)
  • Temperature: Max. 221°C/430°F
  • Time duration: 0-999sec
  • Dimension: 58 x 17,5 x 16cm
  • Packing size: 47,5 x 22,5 x 32cm
  • Packing Weight: 6kg
  • Certificate CE, FCC
€ 275,00 *
Preis pro
Anzahl: Kaufen

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