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Jacquard SolarFast

SolarFast dyes are light-sensitive and only develop color and become permanent upon exposure to sunlight (UV). This unique property means SolarFast may be used to create remarkably detailed photographs, photograms and shadow-prints on paper or fabric by harnessing the power of the sun! Anything you place on the painted surface to block the light will create a print in a matter of minutes, whether that’s a solid object (toys, tools, plants, lace, etc.), a photographic negative (an image digitally printed onto a transparency) or shadow (from folds in the fabric or a 3D object).

SolarFast is also great for painting, tie dyeing, screen printing, stamping, batik and more—no heat setting, chemical or steam fixing necessary. The dye leaves fabric completely soft to the touch. On paper, SolarFast has zero relief and will not affect the texture of the surface whatsoever, making it a powerful tool for mixed-media arts.

To be used on all natural fibers, including: cotton, linen, canvas, silk, hemp, wood, 
rag papers and more

The assortment of Jacquard SolarFast consists of 14 different colors, discover them all here. 
Also available: SolarFast Starterkit, de SolarFast Thickener, SolarFast Wash, SolarFast Film, SolarFast Film Maker.


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